Court Hearings in private child law matters

If a private Child Law application has been made and a final hearing has been listed this fixed fee will allow the lawyer to represent you at the Final hearing in Court. It also covers for work ensuring that all previous directions have been complied with and continued advice and support through the process. If an agreement can be reached it will also cover the preparation of any Order made if instructed by the Court. This fee does not operate in care proceedings matters.

Preparation and representation at Final Hearing

If you have been unable to reach agreement concerning private child law issues such as contact and an application to the Court became necessary there are several stages in the process. This type of fixed fee will include the necessary preparation for a final hearing where the Court will decide what Order to make. It generally does not include attendance at the Final Hearing which will be a separate fee.

First Hearing

Review Hearing

Directions Hearing

Issues Resolution Hearing