Divorce and Dissolution

Fixed fees for Divorce or Dissolution of your Civil Partnership will vary depending on whether you are the Petitioner (issuing the Divorce Petition) or the Respondent (you received Divorce Petition). The fixed fees may be available for the whole process or as packaged fees to deal with different stages of the divorce including preparing the divorce petition. Obtaining the divorce or dissolution is only one part of the separation. In addition it may be necessary to deal with the couples finances. Fixed fees are available to deal with the finances but you will need to search for Financial Consent Orders. This will be an additional fee. Please ensure that you know exactly what is included in the fixed fee that you have been offered. Quoted prices on JustBeagle include VAT but do not include disbursements such as Court Fees. Check if other costs will be incurred, such as the Court fee which is currently £550 (at July 2017).

Respondent Divorce

You are the Respondent if your spouse/partner has started the Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution proceedings.

Petitioner Divorce

You are the Petitioner if you wish to begin a Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution.

Petitioner Document preparation