Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) let you choose a person (or people) you trust to act for you. This person is referred to as your ‘attorney’, and you can choose what decisions they are allowed to make for you. There are two different types of LPA. One of them covers decisions about your property and finances, and the other covers decisions about your health and welfare. You can choose to make both types or just one. You can appoint the same person to be your attorney for both, or you can have different attorneys. An LPA can only be used after it has been registered at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). This carries a fee. Pricing listed by law firms below includes VAT where applicable but does not include the OPG's registration fee.

Couples - 4 LPAs

Preparation of four Lasting Powers of Attorney for couples including one of each type of Lasting Power of Attorney (Health and Welfare & Property and Financial Matters) for each of you. 

Single Lasting Power of Attorney

Preparation of a single Lasting Power of Attorney for either Health and Welfare or Property and Financial Matters.

Double - 2 LPAs

Preparation of two Lasting Powers of Attorney either one of each type (Health and Welfare & Property and Financial Matters) or for couples two of the same type of Lasting Power of Attorney.