Small Claims Court

Once you have decided to bring a claim it is necessary to issue a Claim Form at the Court and prepare Particulars of Claim which detail the issues that have led you to believe you have a claim. This fixed fee will discuss the facts of the claim with you and on the basis of the information provided will allow the lawyer to prepare draft Partculars of Claim for your approval, which can then be issued with the Claim Form at the Court.

First Appointment or Advice

Initial advice on civil litigation matters

Applying for Judgment

If you have issued a small claim and have not heard anything from the Defendant in the time allowed to respond to the claim ,you may be able to apply for what is called a Summary Judgment. If you require assistance in doing this this fee may help. All quoted fees include VAT but not disbursements, such as expert or Court fees.

Representation at Hearing

If you wish for a Lawyer to be your representative at a hearing in the Small Claims Court. Your lawyer will have to be paid by you whether you win your claim or not.

Defending a Claim

If you wish for a lawyer to assist you in Defending a Small Claim that you have received.

Directions Questionnaire

Once a claim has been defended both parties will be required to complete a Directions Questionnaire.

Particulars of Claim

Typically, the Particulars of Claim will be filed at Court at the outset of the case along with the Claim Form and the Defendant will produce a Defence to this. The statement of case is important because it will ultimately set out the basis of the arguments put forward at Trial and an inadequate or inaccurate statement of case can therefore cause costly problems at a later date.

Advice on stages of small claim

Witness Statements