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LegalBeagles launches largest legal services comparison platform

UK’s most popular consumer law advice site LegalBeagles launches largest legal services comparison platform JustBeagle

The LegalBeagles forum was founded in 2007 and for over 10 years has provided high quality free legal support,  to millions of consumers annually.  The management team at LegalBeagles are all passionate about law with Kate Briscoe CEO, a former litigation executive and COO Pam Austen, previously a practice director in a busy Brighton based law firm.  We know from our own experience how hard to is to find and retain clients. The way consumers hire a lawyer is changing and now 33% of people will look for a lawyer on-line and this figure is only increasing. They want to be able to search, compare and check quality before they pick up the telephone to engage with a law firm. 

Over the years the LegalBeagles forum has become a trusted brand and every year thousands of consumers, when they come to the point of deciding that professional legal help is needed, will often ask us to recommend a lawyer. So, we set about trying to find a solution to bring consumers and lawyers together in one place. To find a way that would allow consumers to easily search for law firms based on the type of law they need, location, quality and where fixed fee services are offered price.

For law firms, it is to provide you with a way to “tap into” the on-line market-place where a growing number of your potential clients will be trying to find you. To expand your marketing reach and give you the ability to advertise to a whole community and display information that will allow you to show that you can service their legal needs.

The CMA in its report at the end of last year set out a package of measures which challenges you the legal industry and its regulators to help consumers better navigate the market and get value for money. These include:

·         A requirement to display information on price and service, amongst other things to help consumers.

·         Encouraging legal service providers to engage with feedback and review platforms ensuring that customers can benefit from the experience of others.


In addition, the report advocated the development of comparison sites and other intermediaries to allow consumers to compare providers in one place.

We believe that we now have the solution and LegalBeagles is excited to introduce its new sister platform JustBeagle, the first all of market law firm search and comparison site, that will allow consumers to search and compare law firms across England & Wales.

For law firms, it will give you access to directly generate enquiries from consumers who are actively looking to purchase legal services.

·         Using the ‘Beagle’ platforms, you can drive up your law firm’s online visibility and reputation.

·         We enable you to extend the search for your next potential client into a market-place that is rapidly becoming the “go-to” place for consumers to find their lawyer – the Internet.

·         8.5 million consumers and SMEs spend £12 billion on legal service per year. LegalBeagles attract 20% of that market worth at least £2 billion.

·         We are already well established in the “online” world, our rankings are testament to that and we are trusted by consumers and SMEs alike. As a law firm you can benefit from the reputation we have already have.

If you want to be part of this new way to engage with your future clients, if you understand that increasingly consumers want to research firms on-line before they make that telephone call then sign up to JustBeagle today and let your clients find you.

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